A day at KleintjeZuid

Are you watching 'a day at KleintjeZuid' with Loua at toddler group Look?

Watch the STRONG lesson from our pedagogical coach and children's yoga teacher, Nanda!

During these moments, extra attention is paid to gaining positive learning experiences through play. Principles and exercises from children's yoga and exercise games are the great source of inspiration. The focus is on having fun together and increasing self-confidence.

KleintjeZuid X OpenUp

KleintjeZuid attaches great importance to the well-being of our employees. That is why we have started a partnership with OpenUp, where all our employees have direct access to mental and physical support.

Adjustment period at KleintjeZuid

As a parent, you have of course done your homework in advance: you have compared different organizations, you have already had a tour and perhaps met some pedagogical staff. You have a good feeling about it and know where your child will end up. However, everything will soon be new for your child...

Day of the Pedagogical Employee!

What an important day of the year. The day to put all the hardworking top performers in childcare in the spotlight. You deserve it! Thank you very much for your great efforts and the best care for the children. After all, later starts today!

Blog – Sleeping

We all know that a good night's sleep is crucial for a healthy mind in a healthy body. We know this because we can all feel what a bad night's sleep does to us. One night of poor sleep and yawning through the day is still possible, but if the sleep deprivation takes on chronic forms... Well, you will soon notice it...

A morning at KleintjeZuid

You arrive at the preschool by cargo bike. If you look through the window, you can already see some group members playing. They see you too!

A day at KleintjeZuid

You enter the group in mom's arms. You look around and see your regular group members already sitting at the table. It's time for a fruit snack. One of the pedagogical staff you trust sits at the table with the babies and gives them snacks.

An afternoon at KleintjeZuid

Phew, it was quite a busy day at school today. Lessons, tasks and work, you've done a lot. Just a little while and you will be free. You look out the window dreamily and… you see your familiar after-school teacher standing in the schoolyard.


Raïssa started her career with us 12 years ago as a Pedagogical Employee and progressed to the role of Branch Manager. She now proudly bears the title of Daycare Manager KleintjeZuid and has become a mother 💛

Garden opening Amstelveenseweg

This spring we festively reopened our outdoor space on the Amstelveenseweg after expanding the play & learning environment. Our wish at KleintjeZuid was a special garden design with many edible plants, lots of greenery and many 'open' play options that invite the children to explore and discover.

I'm going on holiday and I'm taking with me… Little Bear!

Holidays are a time of meaningful experiences. There is more quality time: time and space to go out together, discover and explore new places and therefore gain new experiences. Little Bear, the inquisitive bear who lives in our preschools, also loves gaining new experiences.


Moniek started at KleintjeZuid 9 years ago as an enthusiastic intern, to put a smile on the children's faces every day. Since then, she has taken a beautiful path within our daycare center and, together with her team, she manages the daily affairs of this location.

Blog – City Plot

I think we all want future generations to be able to fully enjoy all the possibilities and natural beauty with which we ourselves grew up. To safeguard that future, we must make children aware of their responsibility with regard to taking care of the environment: from our immediate environment to the natural environment all around us.

Blog – Fun

An important element in KleintjeZuid's vision is… Fun! Pleasure stands for: being nice, happiness, fun, pleasure, enjoyment, jollity, fun, cheerfulness, fun, fun, delight, joy, cheerfulness, well-being and .. fill in the blanks yourself.