Do you have questions about your child's development, education or behaviour? KleintjeZuid offers you specialist support from our Pedagogical team when needed.

Going to daycare for the first time

Taking your child to preschool for the first time is a big step. It takes some adjusting for children and their parents. At KleintjeZuid we understand this very well. Getting well-adjusted is important for successful childcare. To make the transition from home to KleintjeZuid as smooth as possible, we use an adjustment period in which the days are built up slowly.

Of course, every family is different and every child reacts differently to the adjustment period. Our branch managers and pedagogical staff are ready to support you as a parent during your child's unique adjustment process.

A day at KleintjeZuid

You enter the group in mom's arms. You look around and see your regular group members already sitting at the table. It's time for a fruit snack. One of the pedagogical staff you trust sits at the table with the babies and gives them snacks.

Another pedagogical employee talks to mom about you; Are there any details she should take into account today? Mom's telling you didn't sleep well last night, you're teething. Mom and the pedagogical employee agree that you will first be put on the bed in the bedroom, you could use some extra rest. Save your fruit snack for you. Time to say goodbye, mom gives you a big kiss and says: “I'll come get you later, have fun today!” You extend your arms to the pedagogical employee. Together you wave goodbye to mom.

Quality & Service

KleintjeZuid pays extra attention to supporting parents in creating a better balance between work, household and family. Our development-oriented approach to a childcare day, longer opening hours and the provision of daily hot meals for the children ensure that there is only quality time with the family at home.

As a parent at KleintjeZuid you can also take advantage of the opportunity to have your child cut into a fresh style during childcare by the children's hairdresser who visits twice a year as an extra service. Do you have questions about your child's development, education or behaviour? KleintjeZuid makes it’s pedagogical team available for parents! These specialist in development and behaviour are happy to support you when needed. Once a year the photographer comes by to take a beautiful group and portrait photo of your child.

Service is just one of our qualities at KleintjeZuid!


From spring to autumn, our children are offered fun and educational gardening lessons. KleintjeZuid has a collaboration with the urban farmer collective 'City Plot'. The City Plot Collective's mission is to encourage large and small city residents to grow their own vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. Our locations feature vegetable gardens that are the focus of inspiring gardening lessons with themes such as soil, seeds, plants, insects and harvesting.

During the garden lessons we spend time outdoors and the children learn where their food comes from, about healthy eating, how to grow their own fruit and vegetables, connecting with and respecting nature and much more. Of course the children really enjoy digging in the soil with their hands and tasting their own harvest. We use our harvest to cook and make healthy treats with the children, from mint tea to home-made strawberry jam.

Fun, educational and... delicious!