A morning at KleintjeZuid

You arrive at the preschool by cargo bike. If you look through the window, you can already see some group members playing. They see you too! You're already busy waving at the window when Dad takes you inside. As you are greeted by your trusted teacher, your best friend arrives. He can't wait for you to play with him. You can independently put your coat and hat in your own cubby. Dad and the teacher were talking for a while, but now Dad goes to work quickly. Together with the teacher, you wave goodbye to Dad at the window. “See you this afternoon dad!”

Your friend pulls you towards the group: “Look! We are building a tower, a high one!”. Together you will build a tower even taller than yourself. “Teacher, look!” When the teacher comes to look, she asks: Which one is taller? You or the tower? The tower is taller. Together with the teacher and the other children, you count how many blocks have been used. Then it's time to eat fruit. Just like the other children, you automatically queue up for the toilet. You go to the toilet and then you wash your hands properly. Then you choose a seat at the low table. Cozy, next to your friend. You sing the good morning song and your friend can tell you what day it is today. What comes after Tuesday again? The whole group helps: “Wednesday!”

After the fruit, the teachers explains what activities are scedualed today. The theme is “We are going shopping”. Today you can play pretend in the dress-up room. You are the shopkeeper and a few other children are the customers. How does that work, shopping? You learn to weigh items by using a scale and pay for vegetables. Don't forget to give the change back? “Yes miss. Can I play the customer tomorrow?”

After the activities it is time to have a nice lunch together. There are all kinds of toppings on the table. You can choose what you want on your sandwich and you can also spread it by yourself. You're getting better at it. You spend the rest of the morning playing outside in the garden. You love the willow hut and you also find the barefoot path very interesting. Then the City Plot teacher will also drop by for a fun gardening lesson. You enjoy digging around in the soil, watering the plants and... you can help with the strawberry harvest. Hmmm, they taste delicious. Before you know it, the morning is over and you see Dad appear with the cargo bike. “See you tomorrow, then I will be the customer!”