From spring to autumn, our children are offered fun and educational gardening lessons. KleintjeZuid has a collaboration with the urban farming collective 'Cityplot'. The Cityplot collective's mission is to encourage large and small city residents to grow their own vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. Our locations feature vegetable garden containers that are the focus of inspiring garden lessons with themes such as soil, seeds, plants, insects and harvesting.

During the garden lessons we spend time outdoors and the children learn where their food comes from, about healthy eating, how to grow their own fruit and vegetables, connection with and respect for nature and much more. Of course the children really enjoy digging in the earth with their hands and tasting their own harvest. We use our harvest to make everything together with the children, from mint tea to strawberry jam. Fun, educational and... delicious!

By going outside every day, we stimulate wonder and appreciation for nature and encourage children to have an eye for a healthy and better world. Now and later.