Adjustment period at KleintjeZuid

You have been offered a place at daycare. As a parent, you have done your homework in advance of course: you have compared different organizations, you have already had a tour of the location of your choice and perhaps met some pedagogical staff. You have a good feeling about it and know where your child will end up. However, everything will soon be new for your child…

It is important that children feel emotionally, secure and familiar in the new situation. Emotional security is an important condition for development; A child will only start exploring and discovering new surroundings when he or she feels secure. That is why it is very important that we have adjustment days during the first period. Your child will get used to our loving attention and guidance during the adjustment days, get to know their own group space, the daily rhythm, the group of children and the pedagogical staff. Our pedagogical staff guide new children with loving attention. By approaching new children in a positive way, talking and explaining a lot, offering comfort and security where needed and working on development, we ensure that your child will quickly become familiar and at ease with the people, spaces and routines of their group.

A permanent pedagogical employee of your child's group will be appointed as a mentor. The mentor guides you through the adjustment process and ensures good administration around your child; feeding schedule, sleep rhythm, address and telephone details and the individual needs of your child and your family. She also transfers this data to the other pedagogical employees in the team. She is also your first point of contact as a parent regarding the development of your child.

Our adjustment period lasts three days. Every child is unique and therefore reacts differently to new situations. Some children adjut quickly while others need more time. If necessary, we will, in consultation with you as a parent, fine-tune the adjustment schedule to the needs of your child. Due to the full occupancy of the groups, the adjustment days start after placement. Your child will settle in on the days he or she is placed. The first day of adjustment starts with an intake interview. During this conversation mainly practical information is exchanged; about your child and about KleintjeZuid's working method.

The adjustment schedule looks like this:

Adjustment day 1: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. + intake

Adjustment day 2: 10am – 3pm

Adjustment day 3: 10am – 5pm

During the adjustment period, the pedagogical staff will inform you about the group; where are the beds located, where will you find the basket with your childs belongings and what will the daily rhythm be like. Your child will also receive their own development book. During daily transfers and by using our Parent App, you can exchange information with the pedagogical staff regarding the care, development, interests and needs of your child.

Our experience is that this first period is quite impressive for children. After the adjustment period, it is advised to not immediately bring a child in for the maximum number of hours in a day. Please also keep in mind that you may receive a call informing you that your child should be picked up earlier due to fatigue.

After a period of 6 weeks, your child's mentor will invite you for an evaluation interview of the first period. You can use this if necessary. When transferring to a new group, a transfer meeting takes place. Of course, you can always indicate if you need an extra consultation moment.