A day at KleintjeZuid

You enter the group in mom's arms. You look around and see your regular group members already sitting at the table. It's time for a fruit snack. One of the pedagogical staff you trust sits at the table with the babies and gives them snacks.

Another pedagogical employee talks to mom about you; Are there any details she should take into account today? Mom's telling you didn't sleep well last night, you're teething. Mom and the pedagogical employee agree that you will be put to bed first, you could use some extra rest. We will save your fruit snack for you. Time to say goodbye, mom gives you a big kiss and says: “I'll come get you later, have fun today!” You extend your arms to the pedagogical employee. Together you wave goodbye to mom.

While she talks softly to you, the pedagogical employee walks you to the changing room and prepares you for a nap. In the bedroom she stays with you for a while, strokes your head and says softly: “Good night, see you later”. When you wake up feeling rested, you get the fruit snack. Hmmm, delicious, you enjoy the taste of fresh fruit. With new energy you are ready to explore the group. What challenges await you today? You can practice standing in the Koeka corner. The pedagogical staff support you and with their encouragement you take a careful first step while your hands hold their fingers tightly. How proud you are, how proud we are! Quickly take a photo for mom and dad and send it via the Parent app.

The rest of the day you play in the group, enjoy the shared vegetable snack and bread meal and of course go outside for some fresh air. When the end of the day arrives and you see Dad appear, we see a big smile. You say “daddy” softly. Dad proudly asks for the photo... What a big step! Let's practice again tomorrow?