A smile every day for our children, parents and employees is the goal of all departments within our organization. Based on our own expertise, all our employees work together on a daily basis to offer the generation of tomorrow everything that childcare can provide.

Pedagogical staff

At KleintjeZuid we invest in the development of your child on a daily basis. We strive to allow the natural potential of every child to fully blossom by providing a loving and safe environment in which a child feels familiar and at home.

Our pedagogical staff are our greatest strength! By taking the time to get to know the children well, they can offer children the support that suits their individual development. With lots of love, attention and play, they ensure that a child's development is stimulated and a child's self-confidence grows.

We are proud of our committed employees who provide your child with the best possible care at every moment and are happy to share their pedagogical knowledge and experience with you. They are the radiant sunshine of KleintjeZuid.

Team pedagogy & middle management

All our locations have an individual location manager. The location manager is responsible for daily affairs and supports the pedagogical staff in translating our policy into practice. She is supported on location by ‘Team Pedagogy’.

The pedagogy team continuously works on the quality of the pedagogical actions of the employees. The pedagogy team consists of pedagogical coaches and pedagogical specialists. The pedagogical coach provides coaching from a redundant position. The pedagogical specialists are pedagogical employees with an additional pedagogical specialty. For example, we employ specialists who focus on guiding employees in training (BBL student supervisors) and specialists who have a coaching role within the preschool (VE coaches). The Pedagogy team is happy to support you. They can be reached via for all your questions!

Human Resources Department

Aniek Krom, Esra Dorsman & Kim Spits ; the faces of our HR department. 

Whether you're just starting your career or are already an experienced professional, we have several positions open in our growing team. We look forward to meeting you as well as exploring the opportunities to grow together. 

Planning & Placement Department

Serena, Yulia and Alexandra; the faces behind the big planning puzzle!

The best thing about our work is personal contact with parents. Every family has different needs and wishes, which makes working in our department challenging and varied. Being able to make the right offer after a lot of puzzling is what motivates us. 

Management team

Christianne Plasmans


Jan van Dijkhuizen

General manager -
Chairman of the Board

Anne-Pauline Das - van Harmelen

Managing directors

Mareme Ndoye

Managing directors

Raissa Vendeville

Manager KDV locations

Kim Willems-Bije

Manager Quality and Service / NSO locations

Stephanie Dekker-Wouters

Business Development Manager

Aniek Krom

Manager HR & Headquarter