Pedagogical policy

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Our well-thought-out pedagogical policy based on providing emotional safety, the development of norms, values, personal and social skills, implemented by professional staff, ensures that you and your child come and go with a smile every day!

Attention to development

Every child develops at their own pace and has unique interests, talents and needs. Our pedagogical staff takes the time to listen carefully to the children and watch them. They offer the children the support that suits their individual development. We strive to allow a child's natural potential to fully flourish by providing a loving and safe environment in which the child feels familiar and at home. Through attention and play we ensure that development is stimulated and a child's self-confidence grows.

During the day there are constant moments when the pedagogical staff focuses personal attention on a child. We not only create development opportunities for the children by playing with them during free play moments and offering educational activities. Our pedagogical staff also use a changing moment to stimulate development, for example. For example, attention is paid to cognitive development during changing, for example by singing songs and counting toes and fingers.

By seeing each child as a unique individual, we do justice to the authenticity of the children. This makes a child feel seen, heard, valued and safe. This means that every child dares to be who they are. Our pedagogical staff lovingly support the child during its development journey. After all, the most beautiful thing you can become is yourself!

Rich play & learning environment

A group space within childcare is so much more than a space with children, furniture and play materials. The group room is a safe, familiar and cozy environment for a child. An environment where a child dares to discover and explore what he likes and what he is good at.

Children learn through play. That is why we talk about a play & learning environment within childcare. Our group spaces are play & learning environments with a rich and varied range of play corners and materials, in which every child, in the presence of regular group mates, with the attention and support of trusted pedagogical staff, finds challenges that match their interests and are good for the individual development.

KleintjeZuid therefore pays a lot of attention to the safety, atmosphere and design of the play & learning environment. Our group spaces facilitate a feeling of security. The use of materials and colors create a harmonious atmosphere. The materials are tailored to the age and development of the group of children. The toddler groups include home corners where children can 'pretend' and discover different roles from the real world, such as chef, shopkeeper or customer, together. In addition to the play corners, there is a wide range of challenging development materials available, which are often arranged in such a way that children can choose what they want to play with and can also pick it up independently.

The permanent pedagogical staff know the children well and know what a child likes, what his possibilities are and where his challenges lie. This allows the pedagogical staff to stimulate and support the children in their play and thus help them take the next step in their development.

Learning together

Our pedagogical staff in the groups ensure the emotional safety of the children. Each group has a fixed composition: the children come on fixed days and are supervised by fixed faces. These are pedagogical employees who are structurally present on certain days. Due to the fixed group composition, the children become familiar with their group members and the pedagogical staff. This can create bonds and friendships.

From this basis of safety and trust, we use the group as a social learning environment. Children learn a lot from and with each other by watching, listening, playing together and working together. Within the group, the children become aware of their personal interests, qualities and their own boundaries. The contact between the children themselves and with the pedagogical staff stimulates the development of social skills. Children learn to deal with mutual differences, learn to respect and appreciate these differences, to show solidarity with each other and learn to stand up for themselves. 

Learning from and with each other starts with the very youngest. In our baby groups, young babies have the opportunity to see, hear and touch each other. The pedagogical staff encourage mutual contact by, for example, letting babies play next to each other in the 'Koeka corner'. Young children in toddler and preschool age are encouraged to work together, wait for each other, help each other and resolve conflicts among themselves. Children of primary school age generally quickly make friends at after-school care. Our pedagogical staff encourages the children in this and also teaches them the skills they need to deal with mutual differences. Important skills that help them on their path to independence.

Quality time

Combining work, household and family can sometimes be quite demanding. After a long day of work, it's really just beginning... 'Rush hour': racing to get to daycare on time, get home quickly, cook, eat and then make sure everyone goes to bed on time, preparations for the next day and so on, make sure the house is tidy again. It is a challenge to balance work, home and family. The balance sheet leaves little time and room for 'quality time' during the working week. Time for connection, relaxing together and, above all, enjoying each other. Quality time is the best time and important for the optimal development of your child.

That is why KleintjeZuid pays extra attention in this busy society to supporting parents in creating a nice balance. We do this by spending the days at daycare in such a way that only quality time remains at home. For a child, a full day of care at KleintjeZuid consists of the necessary care, attention and play, supplemented with fun and educational activities for development. The children have even enjoyed a healthy hot meal with their group mates. Naturally, as a parent you will be kept informed throughout the day using our KleintjeZuid Parent App.

After a long working day, all you have to do is enjoy your child. By using longer opening hours, there is time to talk to us about your child's day during pick-up and there is more room at home to pay attention to each other as a family. No more rush hour, but time for togetherness and relaxation.

Quality time, that's what KleintjeZuid offers!

Outside, of course!

We go outside with the children every day. Children play and learn outside in a different way than inside. Playing outside involves a lot of exercise, space and freedom. And there is so much to discover outside.

Our outdoor areas are challenging and green with attention to safety. The outdoor area offers children the opportunity to safely practice jumping, running, cycling, climbing, scrambling, falling and getting up again. It's all part of life and is essential for the healthy development of every child. At KleintjeZuid we don't believe in bad weather, but we do believe in bad rain gear. Even in rainy weather, we dress well and get some fresh air, splash in the puddles or take care of the plants in our vegetable garden containers.

We believe it is important to take care of our environment together. Children in the groups are encouraged to help by carrying out small tasks, such as setting the table or tidying up. Outside, the focus is on taking care of our natural environment. The children are made aware of their contribution to the conservation of nature and of a sustainable approach by consciously dealing with materials and facilities and by offering green outdoor activities. For example, KleintjeZuid has a collaboration with the urban farmer collective 'City Plot', who have provided our locations with vegetable garden containers that are the focus of fun and educational garden lessons with themes such as soil, seeds, plants, insects and harvests.

By going outside every day, we stimulate wonder and appreciation for nature and encourage children to have an eye for a healthy and better world. Now and later.


Adjustment period at KleintjeZuid

As a parent, you have of course done your homework in advance: you have compared different organizations, you have already had a tour and perhaps met some pedagogical staff. You have a good feeling about it and know where your child will end up. However, everything will soon be new for your child...

Day of the Pedagogical Employee!

What an important day of the year. The day to put all the hardworking top performers in childcare in the spotlight. You deserve it! Thank you very much for your great efforts and the best care for the children. After all, later starts today!

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