After school care

Do you have questions about your child's development, education or behaviour? KleintjeZuid offers you specialist support from our Pedagogical team when needed.

Going to after-school care for the first time

Going to after-school care for the first time is quite a step. Especially because the big step to primary school is usually taken at the same time. Primary schools typically have an adjustment period in which the days are built up slowly. A school day demands more from a child than a day of childcare. That can be quite tiring in the beginning.

Kids also have to get used to after-school care. Our pedagogical staff and branch managers will discuss the best approach with you as a parent. After all, every child reacts differently to the transition to primary school. 

At KleintjeZuid we take a child's unique adjustment process as is and support children and their parents. We have a lot of contact with you as a parent during the adjustment period. We send photos, updates and coordinate collection time appointments through the Parent App.

We ensure that our locations have a cosy atmosphere where children feel like they are coming home after a day of school and parents also feel comfortable quickly.

An afternoon at KleintjeZuid

Phew, it was quite a busy day at school today. Lessons, tasks and work, you've done a lot. Just a little while and you will be free. You look out the window dreamily and… you see your familiar after-school teacher standing in the schoolyard. She carries a bag full of yellow KleintjeZuid vests. Then the bell rings. Free! You rush to say goodbye to the teacher, grab your bag and coat, and once you're through the door you run across the schoolyard to your teacher. The children from other classes also gather around her. The teacher checks whether everyone is there. “Yes, check, we can leave.” Two by two and hand in hand, you walk with your schoolmates to the after-school care.

Naschoolse opvang KleintjeZuid Amstelveensweg

Quality & Service

KleintjeZuid pays extra attention to supporting parents in creating a better balance between work, household and family. Our provision of a daycare day, longer opening hours and offering daily hot meals for the children ensure that there is only quality time left as a family at home.

Do you have questions about your child's development, education or behaviour? KleintjeZuid makes it’s pedagogical team available for parents! These specialist in development and behaviour are happy to support you when needed.

Service is just one of our qualities at KleintjeZuid!