At KleintjeZuid, the Sun Is Always Shining

More Care and Attention, More Fun

Extended Opening Hours

A Daily Hot and Healthy Meal

Educational Programme STERK!

Unique Atmosphere and Appearance

Nursery and After School Care

Every day, KleintjeZuid brings a smile to the faces of children, their parents and its employees. Through personal care and professional guidance, our nursery and after school care meet the unique needs and desires of children and their parents.

KleintjeZuid offers more care and attention, service, quality, activities and space. Children can fully develop in harmonious surroundings. And our extra services provide more peacefulness and balance for families. The quality of KleintjeZuid is always guaranteed by our well-trained staff.

Educational Policy

The secure and safe environment of KleintjeZuid allows children to develop on many levels. Our educational policy is based on four elements: emotional safety, personal and social development, norms and values.

The professional guidance of our educational staff helps children to develop their personal characters freely. Their confidence grows through our personal care and attention and appropriate activities. At KleintjeZuid, children develop crucial norms and values in a playful manner. They learn to treat each other with respect, work together, help each other and listen to each other.


“A welcoming place, offering the best care for my three boys.”



Mother of Guus, Louis and Tony.

“The educational staff feels like family.”



Mother of Mingus and Charlie.

“My daughter always has a great time and often plays outside.”



Mother of Belle