An afternoon at KleintjeZuid

Phew, it was quite a busy day at school today. Lessons, tasks and work, you've done a lot. Just a little while and you will be free. You look out the window dreamily and… you see your familiar after-school teacher standing in the school yard. She carries a bag full of yellow KleintjeZuid vests. Then the bell rings. Free! You rush to say goodbye to the teacher, grab your bag and coat, and once you're through the door you run across the schoolyard to your teacher. The children from other classes also gather around her. The teacher checks whether everyone is there. “Yes, check, we can leave.”

Two by two and hand in hand, you walk with your schoolmates to the after-school care. Along the way there is a lot of chatting about the day; How was your day at school and what are we going to do at after-school?” On the way you come across the taxi van, in which is your best friend from another school that is a bit further away. You wave cheerfully to each other, “See you soon!” When you arrive at the after-school, you quickly go to the toilet, wash your hands and sit at the table. You'll have a drink and something to eat and then you can start playing.

You and your friend choose to do crafts today. The teacher has placed ironing beads on the table. Together with your girlfriend you spend the afternoon making a beautiful iron-on bead butterfly. You're ready just in time for the hot meal. The teacher irons your work of art. Suddenly you realize that tomorrow is Dad's birthday. Now you have a gift for him. The teacher says “After dinner we can wrap it up nicely for Dad.” That is a good idea. Together with the group you can enjoy the pasta bolognese, the cucumbers and snack tomatoes on the table. After dinner, the teacher will help you wrap your gift. You can even decorate the package with glitter, ribbons and stickers. Then you go and play outside. When dad comes to pick you up, you are very secretive, he is not allowed to look in your bag. The teacher winks and says, “I'll have to check it tomorrow!” Dad understands. Next time, will you tell us what Dad thought of his gift?