Educational policy of KleintjeZuid

The professional guidance and personal care of KleintjeZuid, creates a smile every day for children, their parents and our employees. We achieve this with our educational policy, that is based on four elements: emotional security, personal and social development, norms and values.

Emotional security

Because of the harmonious and homely atmosphere at KleintjeZuid, children, their parents and our employees immediately feel at home. The warm and safe environment of KleintjeZuid enables children to develop themselves while having fun. Our extra services, like extended opening hours and a daily hot meal for children, allow parents to easily combine work and family.

Personal development

Every child is unique and KleintjeZuid offers all our children the personal care and attention they need. Through the professional guidance of our educational staff, children can develop their own characters.

Social development

At KleintjeZuid, we make sure every child feels at home. Their confidence grows with our personal care and attention and age-appropriate activities. The group functions as a social learning environment, where children become aware of their personal competences and boundaries. Mutual contact stimulates the development of social skills.

Norms and Values

The interaction with other children and our educational staff provides a daily educational experience. In the harmonious environment of KleintjeZuid, children develop important norms and values, like treating each other with respect, working together, helping each other and listening to each other.

Educational staff

At KleintjeZuid, the sun not only shines for children and their parents, but also for our employees. Regular team meetings, personal guidance and stimulating personal development contribute to a professional and pleasant work environment. Happy employees create a sunny atmosphere, where children and their parents feel at home. Our employees keep a finger on the pulse. Their knowledge, experience and empathic abilities allow them to always meet the needs of children and their parents.

Safety and hygiene

KleintjeZuid continuously sets high safety and hygiene standards at every location. The interiors and exteriors comply with all legal requirements and are designed for our educational staff to always keep a clear view of the group. In addition, KleintjeZuid provides child-friendly furniture design and sustainable toys. Safety and hygiene are top priority in our employees’ professional guidance and personal care.