I'm going on holiday and I'm taking with me… Little Bear!

Holidays are a time of meaningful experiences. There is more quality time: time and space to go out together, discover and explore new places and therefore gain new experiences.

Little Bear, the inquisitive bear who lives in our preschools, also loves gaining new experiences. He also misses the children enormously during the summer holidays. That's why Little Bear has packed his suitcase and is going on holiday with you for the next 6 weeks! His own holiday suitcase is filled with educational activities for the children. To the beach, playground, zoo, grandparents or traveling by plane, train, bus or car. KleintjeBeer thinks it's all a great adventure!

Together with KleintjeBeer, children collect souvenirs as a memento of fun things they have done. There is also a notebook in the suitcase. A child can make drawings in it and as a parent you can write stories and paste photos in it.

The notebook, the souvenirs and KleintjeBeer help a child to make beautiful memories of holiday experiences. It supports memory and makes it easier for a child to talk about the summer at preschool after the holidays.

During the first week after the summer holidays we see all the children, bears and suitcases back at the preschool. We are of course very curious about what meaningful experiences you have collected!

See you after the holidays, have fun together!