Garden opening Amstelveenseweg

This spring we festively reopened our outdoor space on the Amstelveenseweg after expanding the play & learning environment. Our wish at KleintjeZuid was a special garden design with many edible plants, lots of greenery and many 'open' play options that invite the children to explore and discover. In collaboration with the Cityplot collective, who provide fun and educational gardening lessons at our locations, an adventurous garden design has been created that is even more challenging, even greener, even more playful and even more educational!  

The new outdoor play & learning environment contains numerous opportunities for playful learning, such as a barefoot path that stimulates sensory-motor skills, a tunnel and hut made of willow wicker and covered with ivy, in which the children can play and hide, numerous edible plants to to care for and enjoy and enough space and play materials to safely practice balancing, jumping, running, cycling, climbing, scrambling, falling and getting up again.

During a special garden lesson, parents were also allowed to participate: dance the sun salutation, harvest from their own (vegetable) garden, hop along the barefoot path, balance on the tree trunks, crawl through the willow tunnel and play for a while in the hut, to enjoy afterwards. of a cup of tea made from herbs from your own garden.