Programma natuurlijk


At KleintjeZuid, we care for each other and our environment. Through conscious use of materials and resources, and focusing on sustainable activities, the children are made aware of their role in preserving nature and a sustainable approach. Stimulating their social skills allows them to use their individual qualities to create a better, healthier world. Today and tomorrow.

We live in a world filled with opportunities and natural beauty and want the next generations to enjoy these too. To secure this future, we create awareness amongst the children at KleintjeZuid of their responsibility in taking care of their environment: from the materials used in their group to the natural environment around us. In the groups, the children are encouraged to participate by doing small tasks. We spark an interest in our natural environment by organising fun, educational and sustainable activities.


Our children regularly join the gardening lessons provided by Cityplot . Cityplot is a collective of urban female farmers that teaches children where their food originates from. Through fun, educational and tasty gardening lessons, children are inspired to make sustainable choices.

At several locations of KleintjeZuid, we have installed vegetable garden containers to use during lessons about earth, seeds, plants, insects and harvesting for example. These gardening lessons take place outside where our urban kids can experience a connection with and create respect for nature.


KDV Olympisch kwartier Cityplots