STRONG program

We have developed our own STRONG education program to increase children's self-confidence and stimulate development.
Programma STERK KleintjeZuid

The basic components

We assume four basic components that are essential in the 'upbringing' and development of a child. These are:

  • emotional security
  • personal competence
  • social competence
  • norms and values


These components are developed for each age category - from 2.5 to 4 years - and linked to age-related training. Safety, both physical and emotional, is the basis of this education program. The children must be able to trust each other and the pedagogue and learn to respect each other's integrity. Through the development-oriented activities, children learn to know themselves and others better, they learn to sense and indicate their boundaries, and to trust themselves and each other. The educationalist ensures that the basic conditions of safety and respect are always met during the performance of the (physical) activities.

STRONG offers special training in which fun and self-confidence - through aspects of judo, yoga and other exercise games - are central.


The children develop their personal and social skills through our STRONG program. This also significantly increases the physical safety and sense of emotional security within the group. The program provides added value for the healthy social and resilience development of children in a playful manner.

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