About KleintjeZuid

More Care and Attention

The vision KleintjeZuid is ‘More care and attention, more fun’. This counts for children, their parents and its employees. Our educational staff provides the personal care and professional guidance children need to develop their characters. In the secure environment of KleintjeZuid, children can develop on many levels. Our specially designed programme ‘STERK!’ helps, among others, to build confidence.

We understand that a good, reliable nursery and after school care are essential to parents. KleintjeZuid contributes to a healthy balance between work and family. Parents are actively involved in the development of their child and can rely on our educationist for pedagogic and other questions. Our extra services provide more peacefulness and balance for families.

Not only children and their parents receive the care and attention that they deserve, this also counts for our educational staff. Through regular team meetings for example, and through personal guidance and encouraging personal development. A professional and pleasant work environment, contributes to happy employees. They create a sunny atmosphere, where children feel at home.


More Service

KleintjeZuid offers modern nursery and after school care. Through personal care and professional guidance, we meet the unique needs and desires of you and your child. KleintjeZuid happily goes the extra mile and our extra services, like providing a hot lunch and extended opening hours, allow parents to easily combine work and family.

Some of the extra services of KleintjeZuid:

  • Daily hot meal by Apetito
  • Extended opening hours
  • KleintjeZuid’s educationist for pedagogic questions
  • Our own pre-school education
  • The KleintjeZuid app
  • On-site children’s hairdresser
  • Use and sale of Koeka products
  • Flexible care
  • Annual photographer


More Quality

KleintjeZuid is constantly improving its quality. Throughout the year, our educational staff is following courses and trainings to stay informed about recent developments and meet parents’ current expectations. Each location has a branch manager and members of our management team are present every day, to always guarantee quality. We believe quality is thé condition for our motto ‘More Care and Attention, More Fun!’

More Activities

KleintjeZuid offers children a modern and varied programme including sports, games and special activities. We have developed our programme ‘STERK’, to boost children’s confidence and stimulate their social skills. Through play and participation in yoga and judo exercises, for example.

KleintjeZuid also offers a varied activity programme during school holidays. For parents, we organise information evenings focused on special themes or a paediatric first aid course for minor accidents. In addition, we organise relaxing moments like our Christmas and Easter breakfast or the annual barbecue, where parents and our educational staff can get to know each other.


More Space

Physically, children also receive plenty of room to learn and play. All our locations have a spacious layout, natural light, a harmonious interior and child-friendly furniture design. Children can move freely in our large gardens, and participate in sports, games and special activities. The interiors and exteriors comply with all legal safety and hygiene requirements and are designed for our educational staff to always keep a clear view of the group.