About us
KleintjeZuid's vision is 'More attention, more fun'.

This applies to children, their parents and its employees and to the attention we pay for the world in which we live. At KleintjeZuid we take care of each other and our environment. By consciously using materials, facilities and paying attention to sustainable activities, children are made aware of their contribution to the conservation of nature and of a sustainable approach. By stimulating the children's social skills, we give them the opportunity to make optimal use of their individual qualities, with an eye for a healthy and better world. Now and later.


Besides our own program STRONG that we developed to increase children's self-confidence and stimulate their social skills, we are now developing a new program: OF COURSE KleintjeZuid. A program that responds to the characteristics and responsibilities required for a healthy view of our society. As far as we're concerned, you can't start early enough.