After school care

In the middle of the Museum Quarter, around the corner from the Rijksmuseum and its 'backyard' the Museumplein, KleintjeZuid Museumkwartier is located in the school building of Schreuder primary school.

The group room is characterized by its contemporary, homely and warm appearance. In addition to the group room, the children have a complete gymnasium and large extra play area at their disposal. Here the children have plenty of space to build or dance, for example. In addition, sports and exercise games are regularly played in the gym.

Museumkwartier rijksmuseum

Playing in the 'backyard' of the Rijksmuseum

We go outside with the children every day. Children play and learn in a different way outside and inside. Playing outside involves a lot of exercise, space and freedom. And there is so much to discover outside. When we are not playing on the spacious schoolyard in front of the location, we can regularly be found in the 'backyard' of the Rijksmuseum. In this inspiring environment, attention is paid to movement, teamwork and creativity. Naturally, the environment inspires us to regularly undertake artistic and cultural activities. At our location and at our neighbors, the major Amsterdam museums.

Holiday program 

Holidays should be a time of meaningful experiences. That is why we at KleintjeZuid pay a lot of attention to designing our holiday programs. A carefully curated program packed with fun and educational activities, from sports, games and nature to creativity, gives every child the opportunity to grow, blossom and explore the world around them.


Practical information

  • KleintjeZuid Museumkwartier is open Monday to Friday until 6:45 PM.
  • There is room for 44 children divided into 2 groups.
  • In addition to Schreuder primary school, we pick up children at the following schools; Hildebrand van Loonschool, Nicolaas Maesschool.
  • The hourly rate for KleintjeZuid Museumkwartier after-school care is €11.26. Click here to calculate the net monthly costs yourself.
  • Including a healthy snack, a hot meal, as well as care options on pedagogical days and a rich holiday program.

Nathalie Muhring

Branch manager

“Every afternoon is an adventure! Which we fill with creativity, movement, play and fun.”

Museumkwartier after school care
Van de Veldestraat 10
1071 CW Amsterdam 

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Monday to Friday: until 6:45 PM


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