KleintjeZuid de Rivieren

half day care / preschool for children aged 2 to 4

Our location on the Lekstraat in the Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt, is located in and around the building of Dalton primary school de Rivieren (check the virtual tour).

We have set up a partnership between the primary school and our locations. With this partnership, we aim to create a linear educational path, from our preschool education to their primary school .

Half day care / preschool de Rivieren
Our mornings focus on meeting, playing, crafting, singing, dancing and pre-school education. The group area is a safe, carefully set-up space. Together at the table, the children eat their fruit and sandwiches, craft or do a puzzle. Also, there are several corners where the children can play. A dolls corner including a kitchen and shop, a construction corner, an artist corner and a loft where children can dress up. The toddlers can play in the adjacent spacious courtyard. This is part of the primary school yard but reserved for the youngest children.

Within the framework of pre-school education, we use an accredited teaching method, ‘Startblokken’. This method is characterised by a development-oriented approach. The focus lies on working in small groups. Every day, the educational staff plan a fun and educational activity for the children to stimulate playing abilities and conversation, reading and writing skills.

The half day care is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 08:00 AM to 01:30 PM. You can pick up your toddler from 12:30 PM, after we have enjoyed a shared lunch. The half day care is closed during school holidays.

Our in and outside spaces comply with all legal safety and hygiene requirements. The after school care has one group with room for sixteen children.

Children of the half day care / preschool Rivierenbuurt have priority in placement at Dalton primary school de Rivieren.

De Rivieren – Half Day Care / Preschool
Lekstraat 35
1079 EM Amsterdam

Groups: 06-36380347

Opening hours:
08:15 AM – 01:45 PM

LRK: 956206657

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Chamber of Commerce: 30241667

"I love to help children find and use their strength."
Voorschool de Rivieren
Lidy van Vliet
Cooperating Branch Manager