Half Day Care / Preschool

For children aged 2 to 4. Preparation for primary school

Half Day Care / Preschool

For children aged 2 to 4. Preparation for primary school

Care and attention

Our vision ‘More care and attention, More fun’ is reflected in everything we do. Our goal is to create a smile every day. More attention for the children, their parents and our employees. But also, for the world around us.

Homely, open and warm

Taking your child to a nursery for the first time is a big step. Therefore, we make sure that our locations have a homely atmosphere where children – and their parents – immediately feel safe and secure. This enables children to fully develop while having fun. All our locations have beautiful open spaces, muted colours and use mostly natural materials.


Every child is unique. Therefore, we offer all our children the personal care and attention they need. With the professional guidance of our educational staff, the children can develop their own characters. ‘STERK’, the special programme developed by and for us, contributes to this. Through the activities, children get to know themselves and others, learn to define and set personal boundaries and trust themselves and each other.


The half day care locations of KleintjeZuid are accredited preschools. Here, we focus on stimulating scholastic skills by using the educational programme ‘Startblokken’. This method is characterised by a development-oriented approach. The focus lies on working in small groups. Every day, the educational staff plan a fun and educational activity for the children to stimulate playing abilities as well as conversation, reading and writing skills. These learning activities complement our general educational policy and approach. Learn more about ‘Startblokken’ here.

Extra Service

In this already hectic world, the parents also receive extra care and attention. We have appointed an educationist for pedagogic and other questions.

More extra’s:

  • Development-oriented work
  • The KleintjeZuid app, for daily updates of your child
  • On-site children’s hairdresser
  • Use and sale of Koeka products
  • Flexible care
  • Annual photographer