Introduce! Moniek, our cooperating branch manager of KleintjeZuid Rivierenbuurt 🌻

Moniek started at KleintjeZuid 9 years ago as an enthusiastic intern, to put a smile on the children's faces every day. Since then, she has taken a beautiful path within our daycare center and, together with her team, she manages the daily affairs of this location.

As a cooperating branch manager, you fulfill a versatile role, in which you actively run the group with colleagues and perform office work.

'This makes my job so much fun! Both the direct contribution to the development of the children in the group and at the same time involved in the overall coordination of the location. My Monday can include schedule planning, inventory management and contact with parents about the first day of adjustment. On Tuesday I work on the theme in the group and we craft works of art together with the children for their development book. No day is the same, every day with pleasure!'