KleintjeZuid De Rivieren

after school care for children aged 4 to 12

The after school care is centrally located, close to local primary schools. This location is situated in a private building in the spacious school yard of Dalton primary school de Rivieren. The 15e Montessorischool Maas en Waal, 1e Montessorischool De Wielewaal, Catharinaschool are also around the corner. The children are picked up from school by their regular group leaders. After a challenging school day, our after school care is the perfect place for children to unwind.

The group area is characterised by its warm, cosy group areas and additional play areas where children can enjoy themselves (check the virtual tour). Together at the table, the children eat their meals, craft or do a puzzle. Also, there are several corners where the children can play. A dress up corner and an artist corner. A seating area including a comfortable sofa, large cushions and a cosy carpet create a homely atmosphere. Next to the group area, the children can use the entire gymnasium as an extra play area. Here, the children can dance, work on construction projects or participate in sports and movement-oriented games. If the weather is nice, we use the adjacent school yard.

Our in and outside spaces comply with all legal safety and hygiene requirements. The after school care has one group with room for 22 children.

‘I really enjoy the wide range of children at the after school care de Rivieren. The location is beautiful too, including a spacious school yard and a gymnasium where the children can blow off some steam after a school day!’

De Rivieren
After School Care
Lekstraat 35
1079 EM Amsterdam

Groups: 020- 3090650/601

Opening hours:
Until 07:00 PM

LRK: 103771050

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Chamber of Commerce: 30241667

‘Working at KleintjeZuid feels like a present, every day!”
Sherilyn Rocha
Cooperating Branch Manager