Blog – Fun

“More attention, more fun”

An important element in KleintjeZuid's vision is… Fun!

Pleasure stands for: being nice, happiness, fun, pleasure, enjoyment, jollity, fun, cheerfulness, fun, fun, delight, joy, cheerfulness, well-being and .. fill in the blanks yourself.

When you look up the word 'pleasure' in the dictionary you read “a pleasant feeling of joy and cheerfulness.”

For us as an organization, positivity, happiness and cheerfulness are of great importance in our daily work. Employees who enjoy going to work, having fun with colleagues and with the children, parents who enjoy taking their children to daycare and picking them up again and, above all: happy and cheerful children who have a lot of fun at daycare, with each other, the group leadership and during the activities they undertake. “A smile every day”, that is what we strive for.

I personally enjoy 'our' children in all their facets every day. Their happy faces or frustrated anger, their funny comments and imaginative stories, their sticky little hands, warm hugs and wet kisses on your cheek, their stubborn dependence or endearing independence, their genuine amazement about the world around them and growing awareness of their own influence on that world. I enjoy every minute of it and I still feel honored every day that I can contribute to their well-being and development within childcare.

When I think about fun, I always immediately think of my years as a pedagogical employee at after-school care. There was nothing I enjoyed more than 'being a child' among children. As an adult, working with children is the perfect justification to be allowed to play yourself - something that is somehow less generally accepted without children around - to be able to participate in the childish world of experience. Read: unabashedly singing songs and skipping across the street, throwing 'Mentos' into a Coke bottle and screeching with excitement when the Coke explodes from the bottle, somersaulting and playing football, watching Disney films and finding Ursula the sea witch exciting or to marvel at a butterfly crawling out of its cocoon. Of course you are the adult and you remain responsible - let's put that first - but there is also a lot of room to be 'crazy', dress up, bake cookies and build forts out of blankets. Delicious!

You radiate the pleasure you have as an employee. Fun is contagious and children are very susceptible to this. This also makes the children shine and as a parent there is of course nothing more pleasant than seeing your child happy, cheerful and happy. And happy parents and happy children make us very happy at KleintjeZuid!

One of the best times of the year, especially for primary school children and their group leaders at after-school care, is the summer holidays. I worked really hard all school year and then for 6 weeks - and that is really a long time when you are a child - 'big holiday, Freedom with a capital 'V'! For me, those weeks are synonymous with going on holiday with the family, staying up late, nice weather, plenty of time and attention for each other at daycare, fun activities and... ice creams, lots of ice creams. The days at after-school care are longer during the holidays, but they fly by. That's what fun does. Fun is something magical that makes time pass faster. The summer holiday program certainly contributes to this. Just reading the programs of my colleagues at the various locations put a big smile on my face - and some healthy jealousy that I can't go out with them all day long ;). They have planned so many fun activities, workshops and outings.

After-school care Amstelveenseweg, for example, is going on a tour through Europe. Everywhere culture is discovered, explored, 'imbibed' and tasted of the local specialties. They enjoy homemade tapas in Madrid, hit the disco in 'Ibiza style' and eat the tastiest 'gelatos' in Rome. Of course, outings such as the Artis and mini golf should not be missed. After-school care center de Rivierenbuurt and de Rivieren are taking a different tack and have built 'their' holiday program around making a film. Every week, videos are made of all the activities and outings that the children undertake. At the end of the holiday this will be made into a film and will be broadcast during a 'KleintjeZuid' film festival for children and parents. How cool is that? Looking back together on a holiday full of fun. And after-school care Museumkwartier is also planning something very special. During the holidays, the children will create a life-size work of art at the location under the guidance of a real 'graffiti' artist. Something lasting to remind us all of this once again special summer holiday.

The past two school years have not been easy. And that is a huge understatement. It has not been easy for the teachers, not for the childcare workers, not for parents and certainly not for the children. We can be extremely proud of our flexibility, creativity and resilience. So time for a well-deserved holiday! Even the PCR tests before departure should not spoil the fun. And, know that if you don't go on holiday, we will also create a lot of holiday fun here in our own country. With each other. Pleasure, that pleasant feeling of joy and cheerfulness, is something that grows if you give it attention, put your worries aside for a while, don't think too much about what has been and what may yet be, but enjoy the moment.

The time is now. Enjoy it.